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Case Study: Education


Co-Educational School


Rougemont School is an independent co-educational school that offers education from nursery to sixth form. The recent addition of a refectory, 600-seat auditorium and sixth form centre provides an invaluable resource to the school and the local community.

Trying New Things


Iain Jackson, Catering and Hospitality Business Manager and his team of twelve catering staff hand-make eighty-five per cent of the food served on-site. The team use dry ingredients from Country Range and fresh meat, fish and vegetables sourced locally. Moreover, they are committed to making the school children and their families aware of where food comes from, where it is sourced and how it is incorporated into nutritious meals. Introducing new and exciting ingredients to the school children is also very important for Rougemont.

Developing menus based on different cuisines e.g. Chinese or Spanish, and incorporating speciality vegetables such as pak choi, is something that has proven very popular. This educates the children whilst creating a fun experience when trying new things. The team at Rougemont School are currently working towards a Gold Food for Life Served Here Award. For Gold to be awarded the school have to source higher welfare products, ethically produced ingredients and take steps to healthy eating (such as reducing salt and sugar and introducing pulses and whole grain into their menus). This is in addition to meeting Bronze and Silver standards.

Goal For Gold


Creed holds the Food for Life Catering Supplier Accreditation from the Soil Association’s scheme. This means that Creed is able to offer and supply Rougemont with products that meet the scheme standards, aiding them in their goal for Gold! Rougemont became a Creed customer in 2017, and since that time, has had access to the wide variety of products. One main criteria for obtaining the Gold standard is reducing and managing food waste to adhere to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal.

As Creed is a company concerned with reducing its waste stream and assisting customers to reduce theirs, Rougemont was introduced to Vegware; an environmentally friendly, compostable packaging supplier. Creed spent time organising biodegradable cups, ensuring the cup size was to the requirements of the school and compliant with legislation, and liaising with Vegware to incorporate the school’s branding.

This process was implemented quickly and is already in use. Along with expanding food and non-food offerings, Creed supports Rougement with sponsorship. Rougemont’s recently unveiled auditorium and refectory allow it to open its amenities to the local community facilitating charity events and offering delegate packages.

Creed recognises the value that the school offers to the community. As a result, Creed’s sponsorship shows support and loyalty through their working relationship. At Creed Foodservice, we believe in more. Thinking more, doing more and being more than just a foodservice provider.

Above & Beyond


“Creed provides fantastic service and always goes the extra mile to accommodate our requirements. Each person I am in contact with, from our delivery driver, telesales executive, account manager, marketing team right up to Chris Creed (CEO), always help in any way possible - nothing is ever an issue.

I want the children to know about nutrition and provenance of their food; looking at where it comes from, where it is sourced and how to prepare and cook it. I recently organised a Chinese menu where we cooked up an array of dishes cooked from scratch. To accompany the menu I wanted to add some fortune cookies and chopsticks. I phoned our Business Development Manager and she sourced and delivered fortune cookies, chopsticks and even some suitable decorations. Creed goes above and beyond.”

Iain Jackson
Catering and Hospitality Business Manager, Rougemont School

Creed Foodservice