June Seasonal Produce

Nothing says summer like the arrival of Great British favourites! Take advantage of the classics for your menus, including English Strawberries perfect with Clotted Cream and Little Gem lettuce for a classic Cesar salad.

Mise en Place Seasonal Monthly Produce

June Crunch English Broccoli

English Broccoli
600141 kg / 600144 Box
Our broccoli is harvested from Lincolnshire and can be eaten
fresh or cooked. It is mild enough to be paired with numerous
flavours and textures. Cook and drizzle with olive oil, melted
butter or a handful of grated Parmesan to finish.





Crunch June English StrawberriesEnglish Strawberries
601633 / 400g punnet
The strawberry season in the UK is short and runs from the end of May through to July, sourced from Gloucestershire these delicious and aromatic fruits are a quintessential summer treat. Perfect for a classic strawberries and cream or cheesecake.





Crunch June Spanish ApricotsSpanish Apricots
601515 / kg
Apricots are one of the smaller stone fruits, they can be eaten raw, dried, pureed, roasted, grilled, baked or cooked into jams. Why not try adding to a fresh fruit salad or to a savoury salad. They can also be added to cakes, muffins and cookies.




June Crunch Little Gem LettuceU.K Little Gems
600704 / each (1 x 2)
Little Gems are a miniature version of Cos with a sweet, crisp and compact heart. For maximum crunch, keep the leaves whole whether using in a salad, sandwich or burger.





Crunch June SatsumasSouth African Satsumas
603310 / 10kg / 603320 kg
Satsumas are small, slightly flattened, bright-orange citrus fruit, with seedless, sweet, easy to separate segments. Most commonly eaten fresh, peel removed and separated into sections. They may also be used as a salad ingredient, in baked, frozen or fresh dessert preparations.




All fresh produce items are subject to availability and can be delayed due to crop and weather conditions. Prices to be confirmed, please check with customer service for more information.