Seasonal Produce

In the run up to Christmas and during the winter months, seasonal classics are a must on your menus. We have some great produce to get your customers into the spirit of things. From fresh Chestnuts to Shoe Box Clementines.

Mise en Place Seasonal Monthly Produce


Fresh Chestnuts 602202 (kg)
In contrast to other nuts, chestnuts have a low oil and a high water
content, hence their unique, soft texture and should never be eaten raw. An accompaniment to meat, poultry, game, fish or salad, traditionally served with the Christmas Turkey and sprouts – use them to make your own stuffing or soup.





Fresh Cranberries
609227 (340g Ocean Spray brand)
Fresh and dried cranberries are excellent in sauces, cakes, muffins,
desserts and stuffings. Fresh cranberries are used to make the popular accompaniment to turkey, cranberry sauce. Cranberries keep well in the fridge, for up to 1 week, and if you have any left-over they can be easily frozen.



Brussels Sprouts on Stalk
There is little difference between a Brussels sprouts stalk and loose
Brussels sprouts. The Brussels sprouts stalk is edible, but requires longer cooking to generate favourable flavour and texture. The best methods for cooking sprouts are braising, baking, grilling or pan roasting.




Clementine Shoe Box 604551 (2kg box)
Clementines with Leaf 604185 (kg)

The smallest and sweetest variety of tangerine with a sweet and
tangy taste, they contain no seeds and are recognisable by loose,
baggy bright orange skin. They are a hybrid between a mandarin
orange and a sweet orange.




*Special Order Items

All fresh produce items are subject to availability and can be delayed due to crop and weather conditions. Prices to be confirmed, please check with customer service for more information.