Sustainability & Environmental Responsibility

Creed Philosophy: People, Planet and Products

We are committed to ‘believing in more’ for our environment and for all stakeholders.

As a business we’re continually focused on our sustainable ‘vision’;
to drive down our carbon footprint (CO² emissions – tonnes) by 7.5% each year.

In order to fulfil our environmental responsibilities and achieve our ‘vison’, our action plan focuses on a number of key areas:

Waste Management

At Creed we do all that we can to ensure that as much as possible of our waste stream is recycled or reused in the most environmentally friendly way. Each depot has a local recycle centre who collects on-site bailed waste cardboard and paper weekly, along with the pallet bins of waste office paper.

We are founder signatories to the WRAP ‘Hospitality and Food Service (HaFS)’ initiative which is designed to make considerable improvement in the recycling of material throughout the supply chain. 

To reduce our impact on landfill, we donate in date, ‘short life’ food to local charities as well as all of our three depots having ‘Zero Waste to Landfill’ status.

Water Management

Hazardous waste taken from our vehicle wash down interceptors is disposed of responsibly.

In 2019, there was a 57% decrease in the amount of hazardous waste taken from our vehicle wash down interceptors (2019=3.35 tonnes; 2018=7.85), ensuring the local water channels remained clean from our lorry’s road dirt.


As a national wholesale distributor and with a customer base throughout the country, our vision to significantly reduce the carbon emissions is extremely important to us. Our entire company representatives’ fleet consists of vehicles below 110 CO2/km demonstrating good fuel economy.

Product Sourcing

We supply high-quality food and non-food products which are sourced and manufactured in an ethical and environmentally responsible way. We demonstrate commitment to responsible sourcing by trading ethically with suitable suppliers. All of our suppliers must be accredited to a minimum SALSA standard, with the majority of our suppliers holding a BRC food safety accreditation.


Our ISO14001 journey started in 2010 and we quickly obtained accreditation in 2011. This accreditation outlines an environmental management system that we can utilise to improve our sustainable performance. Since then, our accreditation has been audited and renewed in 2014 and 2018 with no minor non-conformances.

Our environmental responsibility is extremely important to all of us here at Creed – we actively evaluate our approaches and strive to discover new ways of conducting ourselves and the business in the most sustainable manner possible.

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