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For the love of sandwiches!

While the beloved sandwich has always been a classic favourite food item, our preference for fillings and carriers has evolved greatly over the years. As we become increasingly time-poor, customers are looking for a food-to-go item that is portable, easy to eat on the move and customisable – an everyday expectation of customers, students and residents.

Fuelled by facts
We eat an average of 4 sandwiches a week, with 82% lauding it as their favourite lunchtime dish. (Warburtons)

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Country Range BBQ Pulled Jackfruit

1kg £5.90 each 366200

Country Range Supreme Coronation Chicken

1kg £5.90 each 361110

Country Range Houmous

1kg £2.30 each 361150

Country Range Mixed Cheese & Spring Onion

1kg £4.80 each 361140

Country Range Insauce Pulled BBQ Pork

1kg £9.30 each 361100

Country Range Premium Tuna Mayonnaise

1kg £5.90 each 361120

Country Range Egg Mayonnaise Coarse Cut

1kg £4.20 each 361130

Country Range Couscous & Roast Vegetables

1.5kg £4.20 each 361160

Country Range Luxury Coleslaw

2kg £3.30 each 359240 

Lamb Weston Hash Browns

1 x 1kg £1.49 per bag 752141 *Frozen

Delifrance Feel Good Panini

70 x 85g  £11.99 per case / 17.1p each 820540

Country Range Marinated Piri Piri Chicken

1kg £7.50 each 366190 

Fully Baked Vegan Rustic Roll

40 x 100g £14.99 per case / 37.5p each 818540 *Frozen

Whitby Hot & Spicy Breaded Prawns

1 x 45og £3.99 per bag  736461 *Frozen

Lamb Weston Potato Puffs

10 x 1kg £13.99 per case 752640 *Frozen

Country Range Prawn Mayonnaise

1kg £10.50 per case 366250 

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