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This months offers focus on the food to go market. From on the go breakfast ideas to kick start your customers day, through to hot, on the go lunch options, to portable snacks and drinks  – we have it covered.

The food on the go industry is worth £20.2 billion, with 35% of Millennials using snacks as meal replacements. This generation are also demanding better tasting and more nutritionally balanced snack opportunities. (Thefoodpeople)

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Avogrande Avocado Slices

1 x 500g  £2.50 each  
795161 *Frozen

Avogrande Supreme Guacamole

1 x 500g / £2.50 each

795151 *Frozen

Country Range 5" Fruit Teacakes

48 x 96g £9.25 per case / 19.3p each
769200 *Frozen

Country Range Plain Bagel (Sliced)

50 x 85g £9.50 per case / 19p each
816860 *Frozen

Country Range Caesar Dressing

2 x 2.5ltr  £10.50 per case

Rich Sauces Mango, Lime & Chilli Dressing

1 x 2.25ltr £5.75 each

Country Range Cooked Turkey Breast

500g  £4.70 per pack

Country Range Gammon Ham

1 x 500g £3.30 per pack  

Country Range Raspberry Blondie

1 x 10 Pre-Portioned £9.99 each / 99.9p per portion
854300 *Frozen

Meredith & Drew Assorted Minipack Biscuits

100 x 28g  £13.99 per case / 13.9p per pack 


Country Range Handmade Lemon Buttercream Cake

1 x 14  £11.99 each / 85.6p per portion

854970 *Frozen

Country Range Mini Cake Assortment

1 x 40 (8 x 5 varieties) £13.80 per case

849860 *Frozen

Country Range Premium Carrot Cake

2 x 10 Pre-portioned £18.99 each / 95p per portion

844300 *Frozen

Country Range 4" Sausage Roll

108 x 81g £18.40 per case / 17p each

769240 *Frozen

Lamb Weston Sweet Potato Fries

1 x 2.5kg £7.99 per bag

752091 *Frozen

San Pellegrino Limonata Cans

24 x 330ml 50p off per case


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