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What is Natasha's Law? 

The new legal regulations state that food businesses will be required to provide and clearly state a full ingredients list and allergen labelling on all pre-packaged food for direct sales on the premises. Prepacked for Direct Sale (PPDS) Food will legally have to display the following information on the packaging;

  • Name of the food
  • Full list of ingredients, including highlighted allergens (bold, italics or alternative colour)


When will the law be implemented?

Natasha's Law (also known as the UK Food Information Amendment) will come into effect from October 2021. The new regulations will apply to businesses in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, with Scotland having similar changes set out by Food Standards Scotland.


Why is the new law so important?

In the UK, it is estimated that nearly 1 in 5 people suffers from an allergy. The new legislation will be introduced to protect sufferers and offer greater transparency around what people are consuming when out of the home. 

Not only does this highlight the importance of allergies but gives allergy sufferers confidence in the food that they buy and safeguards many people.


The Nutritional Software and Labelling Solution

With the support of our in-house nutritional software, Saffron, and custom labelling supplier, DayMark, Creed can offer our customers access to a full-service solution.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to purchase these systems and stay one step ahead of legislation as well as the competition.

Alternatively, you can utilise Saffron and/or DayMark separately with other systems you may already have in place. We offer flexible solutions that work with you and your business.

Saffron is a web-based catering management solution, designed specifically for any industry in which nutritional care and guidance are provided. With its ranging functionality, chefs and caterers are able to have control of allergen information, menu management support, costing and full technical reports, all at the touch of a button.


What can Saffron offer you?

DayMark’s Matt 85 system provides a quality labelling solution for your business. The Android tablet and thermal printer allows operators to produce labels for food storage and ready to go labels for grab and go items. The system complies with current and upcoming legislation and can save time and cost for labelling.



What can DayMark offer you?

Online Recipe Book
Create your own bespoke recipes or gain inspiration by accessing over 300 nutritionally analysed master recipes.

Allergen & Nutrition Reporting
Real-time allergen flagging and traffic light nutritional reporting on all stock items, recipes and menu cycles.

Menu Costing
Save money by providing recipe costings and profit margin calculations based on the cost price.

Ongoing support and training from our dedicated Saffron specialist, including an introductory demonstration and the half-day training session.

Synced Platform
The recipes and nutritional information uploaded onto Saffron can be exported to DayMark's Menu Command and printed directly onto clear labels ready for pre-packed for direct sale products.

Personalised Printing
The labels can be organised, monitored, and customised by catering teams, inputting additional information such as logos, shelf life and prep data. Labels are printed in adherence to Government guidelines.

Compatible with multi-sites
This system works well for a centralised menu arrangement as it provides consistency and conformity throughout multiple sites.

Bespoke labels
At Creed, we can support our customers to implement this system and provide the labelling system and labels through our product range.

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“The Executive at The Order of St John Care Trust feel that the support Saffron offers to the chef is invaluable. It gives them the opportunity to broaden the range of recipes offered to the residents whilst ensuring a high emphasis is placed on nutritional value. Chefs can either refer to the recipe library already uploaded, or add their own to identify allergens and check the balance of the meal. The fact that all recipes are costed with the most up to date OSJCT price file means that the chefs no longer have to worry about calculating this themselves and going over budget.” 

Fiona Elwell, Procurement Manager, The Order of St John Care Trust

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If you’re interested in finding out how Saffron and DayMark can benefit your business, existing customers can get in touch with their Account Manager. Alternatively please email us at to speak to a member of the team and arrange a demonstration meeting.

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