Daring Vegan Crispy Fillet - 2kg

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A tasty meat-free fillet with a cornflake coating to provide a delicious crunchy Kentucky experience. It can be served in a variety of dishes, from a katsu curry, zinger wrap or in a plant-based chicken burger with toppings and condiments of choice. Made entirely from plants recreating the texture and taste of a crispy chicken fillet, with no sacrifice on taste. Not only better for consumers, but for the planet too.

  • Contains one individual 2kg bag.
  • Sold in a plastic bag.
  • Each 2kg bag contains approx. 22 fillets.
  • Each fillet weighs approx. 90g.
  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
  • Lactose-free.
  • Approved for halal and kosher diets.
  • This product is frozen.
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Key: Contains May Contain Does Not Contain

  • This product DOES NOT contain Celery/Celeriac
  • This product DOES NOT contain Crustacea
  • This product DOES NOT contain Eggs
  • This product DOES NOT contain Fish
  • This product DOES NOT contain Lupin
  • This product DOES NOT contain Milk
  • This product DOES NOT contain Molluscs
  • This product DOES contain Mustard
  • This product DOES NOT contain Peanuts
  • This product DOES NOT contain Sesame Seeds
  • This product DOES NOT contain Soybeans
  • This product DOES NOT contain Sulphur Dioxide and Sulphites
  • This product DOES NOT contain Nuts
  • This product DOES contain Contains Cereals Containing Gluten
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Ingredients 48% rehydrated wheat protein, cornflakes (maize, sugar, salt, barley malt extract), onion, sunflower oil, wheat starch, wheat flour, mustard (water, mustard seed, vinegar, salt, sugar, spices), thickener (methylcellulose), sugar, herbs, salt, spices, vinegar, acid (citric acid), natural flavouring.
Storage Type Frozen
Storage Instructions (18°C) Frozen
Directions For Use Defrosted Cooking Instructions:_x000D_ _x000D_ (Product can also be cooked from frozen, please adjust cooking time accordingly). Product is precooked but should be cooked/reheated as below to achieve texture outcome desired._x000D_ _x000D_ Deepfry: Preheat oil to 170175°C and cook for 2 minutes or until golden and crisp. Ovenbake: Preheat oven to 200°C and cook for around 810 minutes flipping midway until golden and slightly crisp.
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Energy per 100g (kcal) 232
Energy per 100g (kJ) 971
Fat per 100g (g) 7.4
Fat of which Saturates per 100g (g) 0.9
Carbohydrate Per 100g (g) 27
Carbohydrate of which Sugars per 100g (g) 3.1
Protein per 100g (g) 13.1
Salt per 100g (g) 1.1
More Information
Suitable for a Vegetarian Diet Yes
Suitable for a Vegan Diet Yes
Suitable for Sufferers of Lactose Intolerance Yes
Suitable for Coeliacs No
Approved for a Halal Diet Yes
Approved for a Kosher Diet Yes

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