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Creed Collector

Rewarding Your Custom

Our points scheme is designed to reward our customers for purchasing key products across our range during the winter months. View the latest Creed Collector for a full list of products that are part of the scheme, as well as how many points each product will give you when purchased.

How It Works:

  • Eligible customers will be automatically registered for the winter 2021 scheme.
  • Collect points when you purchase key products across our product range between 4th October 2021 and 31st December 2021.
  • Redeem points against a selection of gifts including alcohol, confectionery & Creed credit.
  • Claim your gifts using our claim form at the bottom of this page. You must complete your claim form by Friday 14th January 2022 with your choice of selected gift/s. After this date no claims forms will be accepted.
Each product in the scheme has a points value next to it, which is allocated to your account after every order and will be visible on your invoices. Points can be redeemed against the selection of gifts that are broken down into Bronze-Silver-Gold categories based on their points value. We've also introduced a new platinum category for gifts specifically chosen with chefs in mind, including a knife set, quality chefs apron and chef recipe journal.

< View our Summer 2022 Creed Collector brochure


Use your points to claim from this great selection of gifts including wines, spirits, soft drinks, confectionery and Creed credit.

Care Home Menu Solution

We know it’s important that residents receive quality meals with great tasting food, whilst also ensuring that they are easy to prepare by staff and follow the regulations set by the CQC.


Read our Care Home Menu Solution brochure to see our examples of recipes and menus to benefit your business, or view our 3-week menu guide as a template to help kickstart your menu planning.

Saffron Nutritional Service

Catering for care home residents is a tricky balance of ensuring meals hit nutritional requirements and aligning with each individual's dietary needs and medical conditions, while being tasty and visually appealing to entice those with low apetites. 

Our customers can utilise Saffron Nutritional Software, a tool which gives you access to an online recipe book, allergen and nutritional reporting and menu costing. As the system is loaded with Creed product detail you can easily create a recipe or menu and add the required products to an order. This is an extremely useful tool for those within a care setting as it allows you to;

  • Create and edit recipes to ensure you're hitting NACC guidelines.
  • Ensure your menu aligns with the Public Health England calorie intake guidelines for over 75's.
  • Access live online allergen and nutritional reports for your menu, especially important when caring for residents with specific health or dietary requirements like coeliac disease or diabetes.

The number of residents following a vegan diet in UK residential care homes has risen by 167% since 2014

Vegetarian for Life: Care Home Catering Autumn 2021

Product Range

With over 40 years’ experience of multi-temperature wholesale supply to care and nursing homes, we’re extremely proud of our established, high-quality product range that includes our own brand ‘Country Range’ products as well as trade and consumer brands.

As our customer, you'll have access to over 6,000 products including;

  • The Creed Family Butchers - as well as being fully traceable our chicken and beef are Red Tractor and pork RSPCA assured.
  • Creed Fresh Produce - sourcing local British ingredients alongside produce from around the world giving you the ability to cook to the seasons alongside the year round consistency you need.
  • Mrs Gills - a range of texture-modified care home meals designed specifically for care home caterers, including products suitable for Level 4 IDDSI framework.

You can trust our range meets and exceeds your required standards to cater to every taste and individual need such as fingers foods and products with added fortification.

Keeping You & Your Residents Safe

We have taken a number of measures to ensure the safety of both our customers and our staff during these unprecedented times. We know this is of paramount importance to you, your staff and your residents. Measures we’ve taken specifically to support our care customers include:

  • Our delivery staff have been carefully briefed to minimise contact with yourself and your goods, where possible. Our drivers have been provided with alcohol hand gel and cleaning materials, to keep our equipment clean during every order. Rest assured, our drivers have been fully trained in relevant social distancing and hygiene measures.
  • We also adhere to a strict hygiene and cleaning routine within our warehouse and transport operations, to minimise the spread within our on-site operation.
  • We ringfence stock for our care customers, to ensure you receive a reliable and consistent supply of food and drink to those most vulnerable within our society.
  • We stock a range of PPE, Packaging, Cleaning and Hygiene products to help protect your residents and staff within your site.

Case Study: Lilian Faithfull Centre


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