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Primary Schools

Delivering Foodservice Solutions for Primary Schools


 Throughout the pandemic, we maintained our 99.3% industry leading servce levels and with our GPS tracking system, Protrack, we can provide timely updates on your deliveries.

Competitive Pricing

 With strict budgets to adhere to, you can count on our consistent stock levels and stable pricing to allow you to work with a consistent menu plan for your students.

Trusted Partner

Having worked with a number of independent and group customers, as well as local councils, we hold all necessary documentation and accreditations required to supply the education sector.

Saffron Nutritional Software

Primary school caterers are the first to see how eating habits are changing as the younger generations adopt vegan and vegetarian diets, alongside a host of allergens that can have serious side effects. Our customers can utilise Saffron Nutritional Software, which gives you access to;

  • Online Recipe Book - gain access to over 300 nutritionally analysed master recipes or create your own
  • Allergen & Nutritional Reporting - real-time allergen flagging and traffic light nutritional reporting on all stock items, recipes and menu cycles.
  • Menu Costing - save money by providing recipe costings and profit margin calculations based on the cost price.
  • Aftercare - Ongoing support and training from our dedicated Saffron specialist.

 Saffron is pre-loaded with Creed product codes, meaning you can create recipes, full menu plans and can easily order the products you need all in one go.

Fuelling Young Minds

We understand the importance of catering for young people and providing healthy, nutritious and delicious school meals. As more than a foodservice provider, we have a vested interest in ensuring the younger generation have access to a range of healthy food. 

We have supported our customers' objectives in a number of different ways;

  • Food for Life Served Here - as an accredited supplier we can work with you to achieve a Bronze, Silver or Gold award. > Read our case study on Rougemont School
  • Advice, guidance and support from our Executive Development Chef Rob who can work with your teams to create a menu that meets required nutritional standards and set budgets while still tasting delicious and getting your students excited about their food.
  • Raising the awareness of a healthy balanced diet through bespoke marketing activity.

Fuel for School

Head to our Fuel for School page where we have a range of assets designed to help you communicate your menus to students, parents and teachers alike. You can download and print to display around your school;

  • Breakfast Club Template - a menu to showcase your breakfast offering.
  • Dinner Menu Template - add in your menu for the week, our template has space for the main, vegetarian and dessert options. You can even add your school logo!
  • Dinner Menu Social Post - one to share on the school's social media channels to ensure you are reaching parents.
  • Key Event Day Social Post - doing something special for National Pepperoni Pizza Day? We've created some jazzy images to let everyone know there's something exciting being cooked in the kitchen.

Your One Stop Shop

We have the capability to deliver everything you need on one multi-temperature vehicle, and all on one invoice, thanks to our vast product range of over 6,000 products across eight different categories;

  • Fresh Produce
  • Butchery
  • Chilled
  • Frozen
  • Grocery
  • Non-Food
  • Beverages
  • Alcohol

So, whether you're looking to provide the best hot school meals, fill your freezer, or anything in between, we can help!


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