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Saffron FAQs

View our 'How To' videos on YouTube, these include: logging in, creating recipes and menus, reporting and the ingredient replacement tool. 


Q. How do I log into Saffron?

A. To log into Saffron, go to and follow the login instructions on the page using your login details.

Q. Where do I find my login details?

A. Your Creed account manager will provide you with your login details when your Saffron account is created. If you require a new copy of your Saffron login please contact to request a new copy.

Q. I’ve forgotten my login details, what do I do? A. If you have forgotten your login details please contact to request a new copy.

Q. If the system logs out does all my work get saved?

A. Saffron should save any changes automatically, however it’s good practice to save your work as you go along.


Products on Saffron:

Q. A product in my recipe has “XX” in front of the product name, what does this mean?

A. Products with “XX” denotes that this product has been delisted and therefore no longer available. Please replace this product from your recipe using either the ingredient replacement tool or by changing the ingredient in the recipe.

Q. Why do some of the products in my recipe not have a cost against it?

A. In most cases this will mean that this product does not appear within your contract. Should you wish to purchase this product please contact your Creed account manager to discuss a price.

Please note: In order to use the Saffron analysis correctly you should only use products with prices set up. Selecting products without a price can lead to incorrect costings and nutritional analysis information.


Recipes on Saffron:

Q. The colour does not appear in my traffic light report, why is this happening?

A. If the colours within the traffic lights do not appear in your traffic light report then you have not selected the ‘FoP No Weight Loss Button’. Go to page 34 within the User Guide for more detail.

Q. Do I have to pick my own recipe code?

A. When creating a recipe, Saffron will automatically assign a recipe code for you. You may keep this one, however please ensure your customer number has been added before this so we can keep you updated if there are any changes to products in your recipes. (e.g. R14910 would become CUSTOMER14910)

Q. My recipe is telling me I have missing allergens, what does this mean?

A. If your recipe is saying that there are missing allergens, please check your recipe to see if any of the products included contain “XX” at the start of the description, as these products have been delisted and we no longer hold allergen information on them. If you are using your own stock items in your recipe, please check to see if you have uploaded your allergen information. If none of your products contain “XX” in the description and you are not using your own stock items, please contact and state the recipe that has been affected to receive assistance.

Q. I’ve found a recipe I’d like to use, how do I put this recipe under my code?

A. You can copy a recipe by clicking the “copy recipe” button on the right-hand side of the page. You will then be prompted to enter in a new code and recipe description.