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Your Guide to a Successful Summer

Summer is the perfect season for hospitality operators to cash in on. The longer days and warmer weather work together to coax people out from their homes, meaning they'll be looking for more places to stop and eat whilst they are out and about. Make sure you're offering the essentials that consumers will expect to see on your menus.

We've put together the following guides to help you nail your offering. Whether your aim is to increase average spend, attract a new demographic or simply advance your current offering and operations, we've got your guide to a successful summer season.

Pizzas are a crowd favourite, work perfectly for outdoor eating and can easily be adapted as a takeaway option. If you think you need to add a huge range of pizzas to your menu to keep customers happy – you're wrong! We aren’t here to completely redefine your menus, the below menu example demonstrates how you can nail all of the above considerations across 4 different pizzas. Head to the next page for all of the Creed products you’ll need to create these delicious pizzas across a range of budgets.

Watch our video to see our Executive Development Chef demonstrate pizza options to suit all facilities > Pizza Solutions - Good | Better  Best.

Whether you offer indoor or outdoor dining or takeaway, burgers work across a range of settings. They are a firm favourite with British consumers and for good reason – with just four burgers we can show you how to ensure your menu has something for everyone. These burgers will work for a range of demographics and price points and can be adapted to your kitchen equipment.  
For a real showstopper, try our Red Tractor Assured Fresh Beef Burgers.
Made using carbon negative beef, sourced from a regenerative farm in Bedford - these burgers are packed with quality, terrific flavour and help you promote sustainability in your kitchens.

With the summer season fast approaching, you might find that dayparts are blurring and there’s a steady stream of customers coming through the doors.  We think ‘picky bits’ should be included in the dictionary as it’s a classic British term of not quite knowing what you want and having a few different things to pick at. Enter our third and final menu focus for the summer – all day grazing. Essentially a range of small plates and sides that allow your customers the freedom to pick and choose what they fancy.  
The key is to include a range of hot and cold options and utilising seasonal fruit and vegetables to accompany.

Extra Studies

Take a look through our Stir It Up Education Menu Guide for some great solutions for your school menus.

Use our editable Key Dates Templates for your social posts to let students, parents and staff now about specials you may have planned.

Download our Allergens List to ensure you and your kitchen staff are fully aware of the main 14 allergens found within foods.