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Health for All

Over the past few years, we have seen the importance of health, no more so than with the arrival and effects of COVID-19. There is a new wave of importance for health – with many creating innovative ‘better for you’ alternatives. Natural sweetness, grain-free flour, and salt substitutes will be popular, with reformulation to include fewer ingredients and more of them natural.

Simple Suppers

Social media platform, Tik Tok has heavily influenced food and drink trends, with viral recipe videos being added onto menus and included in school offerings. They combine affordability, speed and minimal ingredients all favourable with consumers. This also focuses on simplified menus – a lot of choice can overwhelm – food made easy.

All in the Senses

The pandemic created a new awareness around our senses, with side effects affecting loss of taste and smell.  This has meant dishes are being taken to the next level, with strong, bold flavours to elevate a meal – sweet, sour, salt, bitter, and umami, anything to enrich customers’ sensations. We are also enjoying ‘playing with food’ – dip, dunking and handheld .