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We understand the importance of catering to young people and providing healthy, nutritious, and delicious school meals. As more than a foodservice provider, we have a vested interest in ensuring the younger generation has access to a range of healthy food. ‘Gen Alpha’s’ (2010-2025) as they are now known, are a group that has had very early exposure to global flavours and plant-based foods. Young people are adventurous and more accepting of new tastes. Food needs to be fun, exciting and live up to what they have always known.

Creed Fresh Produce

We provide a wide range of seasonal fruit and vegetables, sourced locally where possible, from some of the most prestigious markets in the UK. With our produce, you can be assured that your school meals will be providing quality and nutrients vitally needed by the younger generation.

Creed Family Butchers

Our Creed Family Butchers has been providing quality, higher welfare meats and poultry for over 13 years, working with some of the UK’s most respected farmers. Our highly skilled staff have the flexibility to provide bespoke cuts - saving your prep time when catering for smaller appetites.

Catering teams across the education sector face a host of unique challenges, from tight budgets and specific serving methods to nutritional standards and a reduced workforce. Our dedicated team of experts work towards solutions that follow industry regulations and guidelines, are appropriate for your size of business and needs, and most of all they are practical tools that really can benefit your catering operations.

Our primary customers have access to a 3-week menu and recipe card toolkit that not only includes options that the younger generation enjoy to eat, but also aligns with the School Food plan, portion sizes, nutritional targets, and dietary requirements that primary school kitchens need to adhere to.

We are happy to work with you to tailor this to your site and to your student’s preferences, and encourage the use of our Food Innovation Centre to help work on new menu options and ideas with our team of Development Chefs.

The Importance of Healthy Eating

Our Non-Executive Director, Phil Vickery MBE DL, is a passionate ambassador for promoting health and the benefits that eating well and keeping active can have on physical and mental wellbeing. Phil is happy to support your school. Contact your Creed Account Manager to arrange a visit.

With their independence and freedom to choose their own meals, fun flavours and cost are still a driving force for teenage students. The pressure is on for kitchen managers to deliver delicious, healthy dishes, as well as the task of keeping students on school ground instead of turning to high-street vendors. Check out our new 'food to go' concept designed to help you keep students enjoying food on school grounds.

It's important to keep students hydrated, to allow them to concentrate and perform well at school. Below are our top suggested drinks - all of which are school compliant and adhere to the School Food Standards.

Extra Studies

Take a look through our Education Sector Brochure to find out more about our dedicated team of experts, and the solutions we have for your Educating caterin challenges.

Celebrate the upcoming Jubilee with our fantastically themed menu and recipe cards. Created by our Development Chef team with delicious ideas that students will love.

We have complied a variety of informative resources to help you and your catering teams when creating menus for students. Visit our Insights page for more detail.