The Challenge

Catering Manager at Hester’s Way Primary Natalie Percival has been inspired by Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. She wants to ensure that children at the school, many of whom receive free school meals, have delicious home-cooked food in order to experience the life skills of cooking and baking and also enjoy the social aspects of school meals. As well as helping to establish healthy eating habits for life, Natalie also strives to provide nutritious school meals to help improve the children’s readiness to learn and attainment.

The Solution

Natalie has worked in partnership with Creed Foodservice for many years – with the company supplying not just food but the added extras to help with events and special meals. The partnership between Hester’s Way School and Creed Foodservice goes far beyond a school caterer and wholesale supplier. From providing quality school lunches, to events where parents and grandparents can join the children at school for a hot meal such as a special Mother’s Day Lunch, Creed supports Natalie in delivering quality products and a positive food culture.

The Feedback

Creed’s in-house butchery provides us with fully traceable, quality beef and pork meat, I can even request a particular cut if I’m looking to experiment with a new idea. Creed has been instrumental in helping make many events happen, not just in the supply of food, but supplying items such as napkins and other sundries to help make the tables at Mother’s Day look special. They are also incredibly supportive in the work we do with school fundraising and the work we do within our community, such as casserole club and biscuits for the elderly nearby. They are more than just a supplier, to be honest; I wouldn’t be able to do my job without them.

Natalie Percival, Catering Manager