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Our Experience & Expertise

With over 40 years’ experience of multi-temperature wholesale supply to care and nursing homes, we’re extremely proud of our established, high-quality product range that includes our own brand ‘Country Range’ products as well as trade and consumer brands.

It’s our core care product range, fully traceable meat and fresh produce offering underpinned by our sector and menu development expertise that allows us to successfully support care catering managers in providing varied, tasty and nutritious menus within challenging budgets.

Menu Support & Development

In addition to our dedicated care product range, we have a range of internal specialists who can support with your end-to-end catering needs, including our Executive Development Chef and Care Sector Specialist. We understand the importance of budgets, nutrition and traceability and can assist with:

  • Low budget recipe ideas that won’t compromise on nutrition or taste.
  • Menu development on a larger scale, including dishes containing our fully traceable cuts of higher welfare meat in contemporary, low budget recipes.
  • Access to Saffron, the leading nutritional software tool that enables you to track and manage allergen information, recipes and nutritional values of each dish.
  • The changing requirements of residents, including plant-based dishes, vegan solutions and fortified recipes.
  • Meal solutions or training sessions to cater for residents with Dysphagia, which meet the IDDSI framework categorisations. 

Care Sector Advice & Insights

We understand that catering for the elderly can be a unique and challenging task. Meals need to be tailored to suit individual dietary and nutritional requirements for each resident, whilst being delivered within a friendly environment.

The ‘Grey Pound’ (consumers aged 55 and over) is worth around £125bn, and by 2028, it is projected to account for 43% of the UK population (up from 38% in 2018). The ‘Grey Pound’ consists of ‘Baby Boomers’ (aged 55-73) and beyond. This segment holds over three-quarters of the nation’s financial wealth and is just as likely as Millennials to snack on healthy foods, seek organic or natural foods and fresh ingredients.

An ageing population has resulted in care home occupancy levels being at record levels of 89.4%, following six years of growth. 

We provide advice and guidance based on our experience and sector insights, so you can make informed decisions about the catering offering in your care home.

Food remains one of the most important factors cited when choosing a care home, with 14% of current visitors and 18% of previous visitors saying it was extremely important.

Keeping You and Your Residents Safe

We have taken a number of measures to ensure the safety of both our customers and our staff during these unprecedented times. We know this is of paramount importance to you, your staff and your residents. Measures we’ve taken specifically to support our care customers include:

  • Our delivery staff have been carefully briefed to minimise contact with yourself and your goods, where possible. Our drivers have been provided with alcohol hand gel and cleaning materials, to keep our equipment clean during every order. Rest assured, our drivers have been fully trained in relevant social distancing and hygiene measures.

  • We also adhere to a strict hygiene and cleaning routine within our warehouse and transport operations, to minimise the spread within our on-site operation.

  • We ringfence stock for our care customers, to ensure you receive a reliable and consistent supply of food and drink to those most vulnerable within our society.

  • We stock a range of PPE, Packaging, Cleaning and Hygiene products to help protect your residents and staff within your site.

A Reliable & Hassle-Free Service

In a survey conducted by foodservice research specialists Lumina Intelligence*, the findings demonstrated that we outperform our peers when looking at range of satisfaction factors, including:

  • Quality and range of products

  • Friendliness of our drivers

  • Easy ordering process

  • Accurate invoicing and billing


We know these service-led factors are of paramount importance to our care home customers, which is why we continually review our service levels to ensure we’re meeting the needs of our customers. During the Covid-19 outbreak, we ringfenced stock for our Care customers, to ensure we continually provided a reliable service throughout. 

* Lumina Intelligence Wholesale Study 2019

During the lockdown, from March-August 2020 our service level increased to 99.5%, providing support and service to our customers during this difficult time.

Developing Lasting Relationships

To us, and to you, strong relationships, trust and reputation are all key, and that’s why we do our very best to understand your needs, add value and work tirelessly to be the delivered foodservice supplier of choice for the care sector. In addition, you can expect great customer service from each and every contact within our business.

Case Study

Lilian Faithfull Care

Home cooking is a priority across all Lilian Faithfull Homes, playing an integral role in their care of residents, ensuring they have a nutritious diet, quality of life and that meal times are a highlight of the day.

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