New Product Launch: Fresh Burgers

Creed Burger

Big News! We are excited to announce a new product to the Creed Family Butchers range.

What makes these burgers so special?

These fresh burgers have been specifically developed for restaurant chefs:

  • 99.9% beef content
  • Red tractor approved
  • Minimum 3 day shelf life
  • Interleaved vacuum packs of 3 reducing potential waste.

Our Supplier

Here at Creed, we pride ourselves in doing more to always provide you with the highest quality products, and our butchery department is no different, which is why we work with the best suppliers in the industry to ensure that we are offering you the best products available.

Canvin and Catchpole originate from a 5th generation family butchers established in 1835 from Bedford. Using their rich history and wealth of experience Canvin and Catchpole was established in March 2020 with the aim to offer a local consumer focused butcher with a focus on sustainable farming projects.

Carbon Negative Beef

Canvin and Catchpole aim to tackle the perception that ‘beef is bad for the planet’ by offering a sustainable solution. Their regenerative farm in Bedfordshire results in these burgers being produced with a carbon negative promise.

Driven by a sustainable ethos, Canvin and Catchpole maintain and manage over 250,000 tress and last year planted over 4,000 trees in one month alone. The carbon sequestration rate for older trees far outweighs that of the samplings and therefore a significant focus and resource is spent on established woodland. With 14 active beehives and the aim for 30 by the end of 2022, supporting the bee population also contributes to the carbon negative status of the farm.


If you are an existing Creed customer shop the burgers here to get yours now.

22 days ago

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