Individual Fillet of Beef Wellington

Seared Fillet steaks brushed with mustard and then wrapped in mini crepes coated in pâté. Great served with Dauphinoise potato or creamy mash and curly kale.


  • 4 x 172g Red Tractor Beef Fillet 708050
  • 30g Brussels Pate Log 356920
  • 1 Just Roll Puff Pastry Sheet 816160
  • 3 RSPCA Free Range Eggs 358230
  • 150g Country Range Plain Flour 141010
  • 300ml Semi skimmed milk 354501
  • 1 Teaspoon Country Range English Mustard 172241
  • Country Range Table Salt 208081
  • Country Range Pepper 188311

Serves: 4


1) In a bowl, combine 2 of the eggs and the flour and mix to a stiff paste, slowly add the milk and whisk to a smooth batter.  You are looking for the consistency of single cream.

2) A non stick pan is essential, pre heat this and add a drop of oil, pour just enough batter in to cover the pan, the thinner the better.  Leave to cook until set and flip over. N.B Try not to get too much colour as you need the pancake to be pliable.  Repeat the process until you have 4 perfect pancakes.

3) Season the fillet steaks well and sear in a smoking pan for 2 minutes on each side ensuring a good colour is achieved, set aside to cool.

4) Brush the cooled fillets with the mustard, then proceed to spread the pate onto the crepe, make sure an even spread is achieved.

5) Place the fillet in the centre of the pancake and wrap up like a present, chill in the fridge for an hour.

6) Cut a 25cm square out of the pastry and brush with the remaining beaten egg, place the fillet in the centre and wrap again ensuring all the sides are sealed up, brush the pastry with the remaining egg wash.

7) Cook in a pre heated oven at 210 degrees for 22-25 minutes and serve.

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