We are focused on our sustainable ‘vision’. Led by our Sustainability Director, Phil Creed, we strive to improve our operating environment by making every aspect of our business as energy efficient and sustainable as possible.

We had our first environmental review in 2011, successfully obtaining the ISO14001 environmental management standard. Six years on, we still proudly hold the ISO14001 accreditation and continue to invest in environmentally friendly practices.

Philip Creed, Sustainability Director adds:

“Our sustainability vision is to drive down our carbon footprint (CO2 emissions – tonnes) by 7.5% each year for the next 3 years ahead of the UK Government’s 2020 commitment. To achieve this our action plan focuses on key areas including; responsible water management – hazardous waste taken from our vehicle wash down interceptors is disposed of responsibly, travel – our entire company fleet consists of low emission cars and telematics has been introduced into our lorries and cars, lighting and we’ve fitted LED lamps across our estate.”

We demonstrate commitment to responsible sourcing by trading ethically with the right suppliers. we only supply high quality products that are sourced and manufactured in an ethical and environmentally responsible way.

We are committed to reducing our impact on landfill, and donate in-date, ‘short life’ food to local charities such as The Wiggly Worm www.thewigglyworm.org.uk and CCP’s Christmas Hamper Scamper project www.ccp.org.uk/Appeal/hamper-scamper.

A further example of our commitment to sustainable waste disposal, is the achievement of ‘Zero Waste to Landfill’ status for our three sites in Staverton, Gloucestershire, Ilkeston, Derbyshire and High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.

We also work with Olleco, a registered, specialist collector of used cooking oil and waste food, to provide their customers with a compliant and sustainable solution for converting waste into renewable energy. In 2016, 22,536.6 litres of cooking oil were recycled into bio-fuel, 103 cubic yards of recycled waste from DMR bins were recycled into energy and 50% of 927 cubic yards of general waste from skips, was also sent to energy.

‘Power Perfector’, a power optimiser which reduces the amount of ‘extra power’ coming into a site to a level where there is enough power for a plant to run smoothly, has been fitted at all sites with refrigeration facilities – Ashville, Ilkeston and High Wycombe. This piece of equipment, recommended by the Carbon Trust, has successfully reduced our power consumption and Carbon footprint by 10%.

We have also taken delivery of a new twin-deck semi-trailer which has been built by Gray Adams, the UK’s leading manufacturer of temperature controlled transport equipment. The new lifting-deck trailer is based at the company’s purpose-built distribution hub in Ilkeston, Derbyshire, and is being used to transport chilled and ambient ‘sub-supply’ product to a centre in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.

The trailer features a sloping roof and aerodynamically profiled panel cappings, both of which contribute to fuel efficiency. It is equipped with a Carrier Vector 1950 multi-temperature refrigeration system and offers a market leading 44 pallet and 51 cage capacity. The double decker trailer reduces the number of vehicle movements required between our Ilkeston and High Wycombe depots therefore reducing CO2 by 300 tonnes per annum.

Richard Frost, Operations Controller explains:

“We were previously sending two articulated tractors units, each pulling a single-deck trailer, down to High Wycombe five nights a week. However, the increased carrying capacity of the lifting-deck trailer means we can now do the same job with a single truck. It’s a round trip of 285 miles, which means we’ll be covering 74,100 fewer road miles each year. This new trailer has therefore enabled us significantly to improve our environmental profile through the very substantial reductions we’re achieving in CO2 and other emissions.”

Our next batch of Light Good Vehicles (LGV’s), three to be based at each depot, is due for arrival in the coming weeks. The LGV’s are future proof from a compliance and legislation perspective, with new and more environmentally friendly TRS Eco drive fridges. The fridges give out less emission’s, give better temperature control and will be mounted under the body which will enable a slipstream designed vehicle which can offer an improvement of up to 12% in MPG. In addition, for fuel savings and emissions savings, our vehicles have all been fitted with ‘As Tronic’ gearboxes and market-leading, innovative ‘Protrack’ tracking devices. Benefits of the Protrack vehicle tracking system include; reduced fleet costs, fuel savings, improved fleet optimisation, improved operational administration and improved customer service.

From a customers’ point of view, using a food wholesaler with a proactive green ethos can also assist with their own green story and environmental credentials. Consumers are more interested in the way their food is produced and are conscious of responsible sourcing. Our customers benefit from the added value of using Creed’s green attributes as a point of differentiation.