Navigating the Trends

There are many factors that are influencing the way consumers spend and eat out-of-home whether that is what a pupil chooses to eat at lunchtime, the way a person selects a care home for themselves or a family member or how consumers decide where to visit for a on-the-go snack.

Within all sectors across the foodservice marketplace there are a number of notable highlights. In particular Vegan options are increasingly popular and street food continues to be in high demand and is consumed by 2.5 billion people each day worldwide.

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What are the key trends?

5 key trends have been identified as being key within our industry for 2020 and beyond

Children of the revolution

Child and adult roles have flipped, with Greta Thunberg addressing some of the world’s most influential leaders, cutting through the red tape of nay-sayers and inspiring an entire movement of children across the globe to stand up and fight for what they believe.

A change of pace

The increase of smart technology may have made us more efficient in many ways, but it is also creating cross-generational burn out. A heady combination of speed and impatience which are embedded in our lives along with the multitude of products, adverts, social media and app alerts are vying for our attention. The result is a wave of mental and physical health issues, which can only be combatted by slowing the pace down.


The connection between humans and the need for us to form an alliance or ‘tribe’ as we have titled the section. The types of alliances we form have evolved significantly but the overarching need to belong and identify with others of a similar mind-set is still strong. Tribes offer friendship, fun and learning at a time when people are yearning for community, a place where they can unite and feel secure.

An alternative reality (Modern Escapism)

This is a discussion around the increase in consumers seeking an ‘escape’ from their day to day busy device filled lives which can be linked to the current ‘political hellscape’. Consumers are increasingly seeking experiences over commodities, think personalised luxury and off-the-grid getaways.

Sustain, regain and reconnect 

After millions tuned in to watch the second series in the acclaimed Blue Planet documentaries, the sense of responsibility for reducing waste and pollution weighs heavily on the nation’s shoulders.  This burden for sustainable lifestyles is felt no more so than with Millennial’s, Gen Z and Gen Alpha who are looking at an uncertain future for themselves and their children.