Brunch is a combination of breakfast and lunch eaten usually during the late morning to early afternoon. Britons spend £76m every day on going out for breakfast or having brunch, with an average daily spend of £7.31 per person, according to a survey of 2,000 people conducted by the purchasing services company – Beacon.Background

The number of people going out for breakfast jumped by almost 5% last year, compared to a slower rise of 2% for lunches and 3.5% for dinners, according to the market research firm NPD Group.

Why Brunch?

  • Increases footfall in historical service low points; the time between breakfast and lunch
  • Increases average transaction value
  • Provides more versatile options for diners with increasingly busy lifestyles and meets their expectations of being able to dine at any time of day
  • Gives flexibility for those with visitors and unpredictable or varied service times

There is a real opportunity to convert some of the historical ‘snackers’ to brunch customers, potentially increasing spend. i.e. from a coffee and a muffin to Brunch and two hot drinks.

10% of ‘Out of Home’ meals are now described as Brunch (MCA Hotel and Restaurants, Nov 16)



What’s happening in the Brunch Market?

“We can see a major boost to the brunch market in coming years, again led by workers and young respondents. Clearly this is more typically related to the weekend market, but we should not ignore the weekday potential, not least because half of full-time home makers expect to be going out for brunch in the future.”
(MCA Top of mind debrief 2017)

Top tips for boosting your Brunch sales

  • Expanding your brunch hours will allow you to reach different demographics and increase your sales
  • Consider offering a buffet brunch, it can help with a faster table turnover (meaning more customers) and reduced labour costs
  • Fresh ingredients are more popular than ever, when designing your brunch, be sure to capitalise on these concepts by offering choices like freshly made fruit smoothies, fruit bowls, and homemade baked goods
  • Try offering regional specials or menu items using local ingredients
  • Shout about it! Promote brunch specials via social media or through newsletters


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Sources: MCA Top of Mind Debrief 2017, Eating Out Market Data Report 2017