From humble beginnings!

Sandwiches, toasties and paninis are all staples of the lunchtime menu. An incredibly simple concoction — two pieces of bread and filling in the middle. But the combination of ingredients you can add is nearly infinite, and there’s plenty of room for exploration, that’s what many customers seek — tastes they’ve never experienced before.

The sandwich has been a firm favourite ever since it was coined by the Earl of Sandwich in the 18th century. Over time the innovation of fillings and carriers has evolved greatly to keep up with customer demand for customisation.
New methods, new styles, new flavours and new forms are injecting new excitement into the breads and bases category as a result.

“61% of consumers eat a sandwich at least once a week” (Technomic’s 2018 sandwich report)

Sandwiches today are going above and beyond normal standards. It’s not hard to find a club sandwich or an Italian sub to satisfy a specific craving, but more operators are branching out to include unique and innovative sandwiches on their menus.


“50% of 18-to-34-year-olds would like restaurants to offer more sandwiches with new or unique flavours and ingredients” (Sandwich report)

How can you shake up your sandwich offering?

  • Bring sandwiches to the breakfast menu, try serving breakfast-inspired sandwiches with waffles as the bread, or offering brisket in place of sausage, both becoming more common
  • More protein options – from vegetable based meat substitutes to smoked salmon, meatballs to charcuterie, diners have more options than ever for sandwich proteins
  • Interesting breads – consumers want more choice nowadays than white or wholemeal carriers, try using naan, dosas (pancake-like wrap), roti (similar to a pitta) or Bao buns
  • Trending sandwich flavours – lookout for citrus and gruyere, which are in the growth stage, as well as Hawaiian flavours, ricotta, maple and lemongrass, which are at the introductory stage

Burger and hotdog categories continue to be extremely popular in foodservice, so garden centre operators have a great opportunity to take advantage. An important innovation is the bun, the standard seeded bun will no longer
cut it, with brioche, pretzel and Bao buns increasing in popularity.



Sources – Technomic’s 2018 Sandwich report