What is it?

Street food is defined as ‘Prepared or cooked food sold by vendors in a street or other public location for immediate consumption’.

Street food shapes the industry from NPD to execution. 78% of MCA respondents agree that street food has introduced them to new flavours and spices. That’s 10% more than two years ago. 88% like the adventurous flavour and spices in street food.

How can you incorporate Street Food style into your menus?

With consumer appetite for flavour and spices at an all-time high, there’s a great opportunity to increase sales and repeat custom by making sure your menu reflects the latest flavour.

  • Trends – give your customers the freedom to experiment with different tastes
  • Give menu classics a new lease of life with spices that subtly dial-up the flavour – offering old favourites with an interesting twist
  • Appeal to Millennials with street food inspired sharing platters to give them a social eating out experience
  • Don’t be afraid to tell your story to your customers. People love to hear where dishes, ingredients and flavours come from!

Add theatre

Street food offers theatre in ways a restaurant can’t with aromas, sounds and the opportunity to take some great pictures for social media! Think about ways to make every dish instagrammable, you’ll not only create memories, you’ll also gain new customers.

What are the hottest ‘Superfoods’?


Highly publicised health benefits and an easy addition to salads, sandwiches and burgers, as well as a growing trend for ‘avo’ on toast; used by over half the brands surveyed (55%)


High in protein, fibre, vitamins and other nutrients as well as being gluten free. This versatile seed is often used in a similar way to rice. It now appears on almost 30% of menus

Chia Seeds
South American seeds packed with nutritional benefits. Non-existent on menus surveyed in 2010, now on 8%. Great to use in a Chia Seed Pudding



Japanese powdered green tea high in antioxidants


Demand for authenticity is now an established trend around the country. UK are demanding authentic foods from around the world, and this is fuelling the growth of regional, specialist and adventurous concepts and NPD. Major cuisine influences are coming from Asia, the Americas and new pockets of Europe. Greek & Eastern Mediterranean cuisines are also identified as growth areas.


MCA Menu and Food Trend report 2017; Mintel Global Food and Drink Trends 2017