Executive development chef rob owenPROVENANCE AND THE TRACEABILITY OF MEAT

Consumers are showing a keen interest in the provenance and sourcing of food now more than ever. As a foodservice wholesaler, Creed is successful at supporting the demand for high quality and provenance whilst balancing value and price point for food operators.

Three years on from the horse meat scandal and with it still fresh in everyone’s minds, accreditations are of great importance as they demonstrate higher welfare and provenance on menus.

The trusted Red Tractor and UK sourcing policies give the mainstream casual dining consumer confidence that the product originates from the UK (British consumers’ priority) and that food safety, animal welfare and traceability have been considered. For fine dining the consumer is less price sensitive and provenance and quality overrides price decisions.


Nestle Korean BBQ Short Rib

At present, on the bone cuts of meat such as spare ribs, chicken wings and short rib of beef are growing in popularity and there is a rise in the preference for cured and smoked meats, as well as marinades such as BBQ and piri piri.

Due to a rise in the popularity of Jamaican and barbeque pit cooking, restaurants such as The Turtle Bay chain and Levi Roots Caribbean Smokehouse are making Caribbean cooking very accessible to consumers.

There is a need for fully finished sous-vide options such as short rib of beef or barbecued ribs in casual dining. This ensures consistency of product and saves the operator time on labour.

Image courtesy of Nestle

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