Whilst ‘traditional’ options such as tea, cake and sandwiches are always going to be staples on garden centre and destination leisure menus, people are now demanding world flavours without actually having to travel for them. World cuisines can also engage with a different crowd, which may not typically frequent your establishment.

As a well-travelled nation with a huge variety of restaurants on the high street, customers have become more adventurous and many look forward to trying new food. If you want to give your customers an experience of world cuisine, there are many ways in which you can go about it that doesn’t require you to completely overhaul your menu.

Emerging Global Trends

  • Korean flavours, these work well in street food style dishes like Korean chicken or in salads
  • Authentic Indian dishes, these lend themselves well to sharing platters and tapas style platters
  • Moroccan flavours, perfect for tagines or to add a twist to traditional stuffing
  • American cuisine continues to remain popular – think waffles with bacon and maple syrup

Examples of global cuisine

Know your customer

It is important to keep in mind what your customers want. While the general public may appear to want certain trends, such as more vegan options or grab and go street style food this may not be the case for some operations. You can easily make a nod towards flavour trends without having to compromise on classics.

How can you adapt your menu?

  • Try adding coconut milk into sauces for a Caribbean inspired dish
  • Use naan breads as a sandwich carrier
  • Introduce global flavours into your sandwich offering, i.e. vegetarian hummus or duck with hoisin sauce

If you’re introducing new world cuisines to your menu but aren’t sure if they will take off, try creating a buzz and run as a weekly or monthly special. This will also limit the 10 ingredients that you would require during this time.

Translating the trend to your business


Sit down with patients and residents to find out about the places they’ve visited in their lives and pull together some global cuisine inspired menu specials. This can also be a great way to bring together residents and visitors, putting together themed days dedicated to a certain country including creating special menus, music and decorations. Not only does this help to bring together residents and give an opportunity to invite family members to participate in the activities, it can also help to bring back positive memories for individuals.

Education and Hospitality

Which items on your menu are customisable? Take a look at how you can regularly introduce new customisable dishes and ensure there are specific call outs within menus to show customers how they can personalise their own dishes. Don’t forget to add the costs for swapping proteins and adding additional items, sauces and dressings!


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