We are very excited to introduce the very first Stir it up Foodservice Trend Guide. This is a great educational tool looking at how changes within our wider environment, directly and indirectly, impact the foodservice marketplace.

The guide looks at the overall marketplace and key issues each sector is facing and provides a ‘Talking About My Generation’ overview of how each generation differs from the next and what matters to them.

An understanding of the impact of the differences is essential in understanding how you can target certain age demographics by updating your menus or marketing yourselves differently.

Key Trends

We have identified five key trends as driving significant change within the foodservice industry.

  1. Eco 2.0 – This key trend is focused on consumers recognising their individual accountability for impact on the environment and society.
  2. The Wellness Kitchen – This section is all about the awareness of the nutritional content and benefits that the food we eat can give to us and our children.
  3. Experiential Dining – There has been a shift towards the craving and demand for experiences which gives people more to talk about, enhancing the senses and allowing the consumer to have a 360 experience which may or may involve technology.
  4. Isolation in a Social World – An Eden Project Communities study found that disconnected communities could be costing the economy £32 billion every year. This section covers the impact of key social groups feeling isolated and how sectors can work together to improve the sense of community in the local area, increasing ethical credentials and profits where possible.
  5. Time Scarcity – We live in a world where everyone seems pressed for time and as a result have seen a huge rise in the demand for convenience. This can be anything from adding self-service soft drink stations or providing hand-held, high-quality food to keep students in a university campus happy and fuelled on-the-go.

Take a look at the trend guide HERE