According to the MCA & HIM Food To Go Market Report 2019, the food to go market is set to reach a value of £21.2billion in 2019, growth of 3% on 2018, and continue outperforming growth from the wider eating out market, which is expected to increase by 1.8% in 2019. This highlights a vital area of growth for operators and a key opportunity to increase share in a subdued eating out market.


The size of the opportunity is vast, and those that are best placed to maximise this are placing high importance on
consumer and shopper trends, and identifying the sub-channels driving growth.

Millennials lead the way

Consumers, particularly the influential millennial generation, continue to embrace more responsible lifestyles and the importance of a good breakfast, healthier diets and environmental care are held in high regard. MCA’s analysis finds that 11% of adults are already either vegan or vegetarian, with a further 28% more open to having more meat-free meals. This is not a passing fad, but part of an enduring trend with sustained consequences – and opportunities.

Fast Food

Speed of service is another trend that remains pivotal to growth within the FTG space. Fast service has steadily grown in importance for FTG over the past few years, particularly at lunch, as time constrained workers do not wish to spend their breaks waiting to purchase and consume food. Expect more widespread availability of click and collect ordering, ordering kiosks, faster checkout capabilities and more integrated contactless payment technologies.

Health and speed are just two of the opportunities and trends available to operators that want to capitalise on the growth of FTG. The key to success is to focus on one or two trends and execute them well rather than focusing on satisfying every single consumer to the detriment of quality.


Source – MCA & HIM Food to Go Market 2019