Gone are the days when destination leisure and garden centres can get away with offering very little in the way of refreshments. Customers now demand barista style coffee and speciality teas.

With 81% of the nation drinking tea, coffee or other hot drinks out of home, the opportunity the hot beverage
category offers is undeniable. A study into the ‘most ordered coffee shop beverage’ in the 2018 UK Coffee Report showed that the latte is leading the way as the most popular hot drink, followed by the Americano.

‘Artisan coffee is a trend that is set to continue to grow in 2019′

Coffee Connoisseurs

In order to serve coffee that will keep up with the high street offering, cafes need to fulfil certain requirements.

  • Offer the style that people want such as lattes with syrups, flat whites, americanos, etc
  • Make sure your offering is high quality, from the way they taste to the way they look – think latte art, quality beans
  • Offer customers a range of milk alternatives – oat, soya, almond and coconut are now considered mainstream and therefore expected
  • Make sure your staff are barista trained and up-to-date with industry trends

Drink your greens

More and more consumers are looking for drinks that give them specific health benefits and the demand for healthy green and herbal tea is growing.
Green tea is probably the most widely common ‘healthy’ hot beverage in the UK. Matcha is also becoming incredibly popular, partly thanks to its versatility and nutritional value, however it tops the list as the most expensive.

“Three key trends which people now want from beverages are drinks which offer energy, sleep or cleansing results”

There has also been a noticeable increase in the popularity of plant-based milks this year. In the past, drinking alternative milks was mainly driven by dietary intolerance’s, but the popularity of plant based diets has seen alternative milks such as oat and soya increase significantly. Providing these options enables vegan customers to switch and their choice is no longer limited. This leaves a positive impact on your reputation and your sales.

Get Fruit-Tea!

Fruit teas and tea infusions have developed so much that there is a plethora of choice. The growth largely driven by younger generations who are less tempted by the traditional ‘builder’s brew’ and look to herbal teas for more diversity in flavour, a sensory experience and added health benefits.
Make sure you boast about natural ingredients and interesting flavour combinations. Tea drinkers are viewing tea as less of a routine based beverage and more of an experience-led drink.

“49% of brits aged 25-34 drink green tea”

Sources – Square UK Coffee Report 2018 / Garden Centre Catering