Undoubtedly Afternoon Tea has evolved a lot over the past few years. Today’s caterers are benefiting from a renewed interest in this British tradition by offering the highly enjoyable treat with a twist.

Gone are the days of basic scones, pastries, finger sandwiches and, of course, tea. Nowadays it has expanded to
include some more luxurious treats and is now offered with a variety of fusion and fruity teas and even champagne. Caterers, in order to satisfy the increasing demand for this new, ‘posh’ version of Afternoon Tea, are upgrading their traditional offering by combining gourmet mini-dishes, unique desserts and speciality coffees, teas and champagnes.


Research confirms that British diners are now more prone to treating themselves to indulgent treats as they’re tempted by ‘wow’ foods. Eating-out spend and frequency are rising while ranges which are perceived by consumers as innovative attract more customers. At the same time, ‘experience’ motivated eating out occasions continue to
grow and food presentation is becoming more significant and more inventive.


Sweet Treats

Try out new innovative ways to make your Afternoon Tea and cake offering stand out. An unusual USP will keep it exciting for your customers.

Source – Kara Foodservice