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Following the latest update from the government, there is finally light at the end of the very long lockdown tunnel. Now is the time to prepare for the new normal.

Creed Foodservice is here to take the stress out of the transition to get back to business. 

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< Read April's Stir It Up magazine for a host of advice and inspiration for chefs and operators as we look towards the Hospitality sector starting to reopen from 12th April. Some of the headlines;

  • As consumers still focus on supporting local and eating local, include fresh seasonal produce in your menus. Take inspiration from page 7 with a plethora of Rhubarb recipes.
  • Allergy Awareness Week and National Tea Day provide additional opportunities to be part of a bigger conversation with in the Food & Drink market - see page 11.
  • This month's category focus covers Coffee Shops & Cafes, which have become part of daily life through the pandemic, allowing consumers an element of escape-ism within the confines of lockdown. 
  • The five big takeaways for Coffee Shops & Cafes;
    1. Offer premium products to satisfy consumer needs
    2. Understand the importance of your space to remote workers
    3. Highlight local products within your offering
    4. Share how you are reducing your impact on the environment
    5. Put customers at the heart of everything you do - how can you give them the best experience possible?
  • Consumers have come to expect options that meet their dietary requirements, head to page 31 to ensure you don't alienate any customer groups.
  • With recent news around Brits likely unable to take holidays outside of the UK this year, global cuisine provides the international experience without the plane ticket.  The Melting Pot on page 36 includes key insights from 13 industry experts.


Our vast product range, which includes more than 7,000 products over eight categories, enables us to be your 'One Stop Shop' for all your catering needs.

Delivering everything you need from one supplier, in one vehicle, on one invoice. From fresh fruit and vegetables to dry store essentials, meat and poultry to non-foods, we've got you covered.

Multi-temperature lorries reduce the number of vehicles and time we spend on the road. A single delivery reduces the amount of time your team spend away from the kitchen.



We understand that efficiently managing budgets will be a key objective as the Education and Hospitality sectors start to reopen. 

Keep costs low with our varied product range to suit all budgets.

  • Country Range offers high quality products, designed specifically for professional kitchen environments, at affordable prices
  • Our exclusive range of pre-prepared vegetables reduces preparation time
  • Monthly promotions offer discounts on a range of essential foodservice products




Our dedicated Insight team is here to provide you with the latest insights across the foodservice industry.

Keeping our ears to the ground, we provide relevant and current data on trends as well as detail on rules and regulation changes that affect each sector. 

If you need advice on a specific subject, we can do the research to enable you to focus on the actions.




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Discounts on over 100 products to help you get Back to Business

High quality affordable products, designed specifically for the professional kitchen environment

Our range of fresh pre-prepared vegetables can save you time and money without scrimping on quality.

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