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Our Nutritional Software Solution – Saffron

‘Saffron from Creed’ is a partnership between Creed Foodservice and Fretwell-Downing Hospitality (FDH), allowing us to offer the Saffron Nutrition solution to our customers.

Designed specifically for any industry in which nutritional care and guidance are provided, as well as those seeking a centralised solution for nutritional and allergen information, Saffron offers recipe management support, costing and full technical report functionality at the touch of a button.

With hundreds of customers across all industries quickly realising Saffron’s benefits, don’t miss out on the opportunity to purchase this system and stay one step ahead of legislation as well as the competition.

Saffron offers:

  • Over 300 nutritionally analysed menus already on the system
  • Creation of bespoke recipes and menu summaries
  • Recipe costings and profit margin calculator based on links to selling price
  • Allergen information readily available and flagged up in recipes


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“Saffron is capable of analysing our 190 plus menus as well as providing us with a menu costing for each site.”

Operations Manager, Kirkless Metropolitan Council

“With the analysis programme, we have been able to go a step further by ensuring our menus meet the stipulated levels of key nutrients.”

Domestic Bursar, Summer Fields School

If you’re interested in finding out how saffron could benefit your business, please email or ask your Creed Account Manager to arrange a demonstration meeting.

14 allergensAllergen information and Support

In December 2014, new Food Allergy Legislation EU1169/2011 was enforced, and operators now have a legal responsibility to provide the correct allergen information about the ingredients in the food they serve to customers. As a food business, operators have to supply information for every item on menus that contains any of the 14 allergens as ingredients.

Details of these allergens must be listed clearly in an obvious place such as a menu, chalkboard or information pack. If the information is not provided upfront, details of where it can be obtained in written or oral formats should be signposted.

Country range light mayo packagingAllergen Information for Country Range products

The allergen information box on Country Range products features:

  • allergens in the ingredients list in bold capitals for quick and easy reference.
  • allergens that the product ‘may contain’, are also detailed on the label. ‘may contain’ means the product is produced in a factory that handles other allergens, but they are not a direct ingredient of that particular product.

Need more information?
Speak to a member of our team...

email phone 01452 857555 Find out more about Saffron

Need more information?
Speak to a member of our team...

email phone 01452 857555 Find out more about Saffron

“Quality and responsible sourcing are really important to this business and Creed’s own values regarding commitment to quality, sustainable and ethical sourcing and green issues are synonymous with our own.”

Griff Holland

Did you know?

By 2025 half of the entire EU population will be affected by an allergic disease
Source: Allergy UK

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