BioHygiene Eco Washing Up Liquid - 2x5ltr

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Water alone can’t clean greasy dishes and plates. Surfactants play a crucial part in attacking and removing grease and food residues. Surfactants lower the surface tension of the water allowing it to spread and effectively cover the soiled surface.  Agitation during the washing process, helps break the grease and oils into smaller, easier-to-remove molecules.

  • Each case contains two individual 5ltr jerry cans.
  • Sold in a cardboard box each jerry can is made of PCR (post-consumer resin) plastic with a screw-on lid.
  • Naturally derived, readily biodegradable, safe formulation with no environmental classification, unlike many market leading brands.
  • Releases greasy deposits from the dishes dispersing them into the wash water, effectively preventing redisposition onto the surface of crockery, utensils and glassware.
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